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We recruit a core team of young people as Citizen Researchers.

Local areas participating

  • Birmingham
  • Central Lancashire
  • Nottingham & Nottinghamshire
  • North Tyneside
  • Oldham

Total number of Citizen Researchers


Demographics of Citizen Researchers

  • 36% BAME
  • 16% LGBTQ+
  • 12% with a physical or learning disability
  • 78% with lived experience of mental ill-health

Design Days

The Citizen Researchers use key information and their own experiences to agree five priority topics for their area. They receive training in facilitation and public speaking.

Priorities chosen by Citizen Researchers across the five areas

  • Ethnic minorities
  • Family, parents, friends and carers
  • Healthy relationships
  • LGBTQ+ young people
  • Schools and education
  • Self-harm
  • Services and professionals
  • Social media and self-esteem
  • Stigma and awareness
  • Young men


The Citizen Researchers co-design and co-deliver workshops to engage other young people on the priority topics.

Types of organisations hosting roadshow events

  • Council groups
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Service user groups
  • Voluntary and community groups
  • Youth centres

Total number of roadshow events


Total number of young people engaged in roadshows


Results Day

The Citizen Researchers analyse the Roadshow data. They work with local decision-makers and researchers to decide the project’s findings and recommendations.

Total number of findings


Total number of recommendations


Big Showcase

The Citizen Researchers present their findings and recommendations to key stakeholders.

Total number of decision-makers and researchers attending attending Big Showcases



of attendees said the findings and recommendations were 'very useful'


of attendees said they would do something new or differently as a result of the findings and recommendations

Local Advisory Panel

A panel of local decision-makers, researchers and other stakeholders informs the project’s work throughout its lifetime.

Number of Local Advisory panel members


Local Advisory panel members

  • Academic Health Science Networks
  • Civil society groups
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Clinical Research Networks
  • Councils
  • Education partnerships
  • Schools
  • Young people


MH:2K has a significant impact on participating young people, decision-makers and researchers.

Work influenced by MH:2K

  • Frameworks and strategies
  • Local Transformation Plans
  • Materials
  • Participation work
  • Practices in schools
  • Training and guidance

Impact on Citizen Researchers

  • 86% of Citizen Researchers report greater optimism for the future
  • 82% report increased feelings of wellbeing
  • 86% report that their confidence has grown